Currently reading: May 8, 2020

Without my weekday commute and early morning routine, I'm finding myself finishing audiobooks much slower than before. It took me nearly a month to finish an audiobook I started in mid-April and that wasn't because it wasn't good. I was just finding myself less likely to turn on my audiobooks unless I'm doing cleaning around the house (and let's be honest, I'm slacking) or soaking in the tub.

That's why I was excited to see that my mom (Hi, Mom. Thanks for letting me use your Audible account!) had downloaded Greer Hendricks' and Sarah Pekkanen's new Audible-exclusive short story The Getaway. I didn't bother reading the description of the short story before diving in, because I've read the works of this writing duo and I knew it would be good.

Given that my book is about an isolated rural Airbnb that seems perfect on the outside, I was excited to see that this short story is about Chloe Powell, a newly unemployed campaign press secretary that books time away at a serene yoga getaway. Sounds perfect right? Given the track record of these two writers, I can only imagine what twisted ways they'll come up with to torment he main character.

I'm also reading an ebook of The Mercies by Kiran Millwood Hargrave. I've never read any of her books before, but I was feeling incredibly left out from hearing so many great things about her Young Adult books, so I finally gave in and gave her first Adult book a shot.

I had no expectations going in other than the fact that Kiran's writing is highly beloved, so I knew I'd like it. What I did not expect was to find a novel that was so literary and poetic in every sentence that I could see my future children and grandchildren reading this book in high school or college classes. Every sentence is worth a dissection - you couldn't take a single word out of this book without it collapsing because each and every one is in the perfect position and packs a world of meaning. Kiran is a master of atmosphere and sentence structure and I will definitely be going through her previous works.

Previously when I read or listened, I just enjoyed the story. Now that I write, I can't help but to dissect every sentence and learn from these amazing writers. It doesn't matter what genre the book is, every single sentence you read is going to help your writing in some way, whether you're learning from a beautifully constructed sentence or taking notes on the holes in a poorly constructed plot line. I'm lucky that I'm currently reading two books who have nothing but great things to teach me. I definitely need the motivation as I chug along through editing.

Happy reading, get some exercise, and wash your hands.

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